Mindfulness In The Home


Arrange your environment to help rather than hinder you. It seems obvious, but can be easier said than done! Here are some of our top tips on how to plan your space to work with your lifestyle and bring mindfulness into your home.


Balance & Scale

Fill your spaces with thought through furniture. A balance of scale gives harmony to a home and sinking into a comfy sofa, bed or chair will help you to relax and reflect on your day.

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Colour Palettes

Decorating a room with a calm colour palette will immediately give you a "zen" feel as you walk into your space. Blues can be refreshing and relaxing, while a vibrant orange might give you the energising pick-me-up you need in the mornings.


Storage & Clutter

Plan for plenty of storage so that you can tuck things away and live in a stress-free space. Keeping a simple, and clutter-free entryway, for example, helps to instil a sense of calm from the moment you walk through the door.



Tell your personal story with your belongings, positive memories make a happy present.  Items you have collected on your journey through life give your home character and add layers to your environment.


Screen-Free Zone

Aim to have an area in your home where you can be screen free, leave technology behind and clear your mind. An area where you can sit quietly and practice mindfulness undisturbed will help you cope with the hectic speed of life (especially in the lead up to the holiday season!)



The type of lighting you choose can directly affect your emotions. Fluorescent lighting can make you feel anxious while warm lights add comfort. A few lamps and some candlelight gives a much calmer feel than a fully lit room. Plenty of natural light is best throughout the day and adding soft lighting at night can calm you down before bed.


Activate Your Senses

Activate as many senses as you can - use soft, tactile fabrics on furniture and carpets, add uplifting smells with scented candles, and the sound of calm music can bring you into the moment and help you feel relaxed.


Connect With Nature

Bring nature indoors, research shows that even a few minutes outdoors can boost your mood. If you don't have time to explore the outdoors bring the outdoors to you with indoor plants and cut flowers.