Spirit of Colour


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Determined to beat the Brexit blues, we decided to have one of our holistic workshops early in the New Year to lift our spirits and inspire our creative juices. We invited the lovely Georgia Coleridge - author of The Chakra Project - into our studio in Chelsea Harbour and enjoyed an afternoon hearing about her work with chakras (the energy centres within the physical body).

Accompanied by inspiring images, Georgia talked us through the 7 chakra centres; about what each one relates to as well as their associated colours. As creatives, we were struck by the similarity of the chakra colours; with how they make you feel and how we use them in our interior schemes. We thought we’d share the 7 chakra colours with you together with a few ideas on how to incorporate them into your home, create first impressions and achieve the atmosphere you desire.

Crown Chakra

White / Uplift & Inspiration

A white interior can create a real impact, so long as the shades of white contain a warm base to prevent a room feeling too stark. White linen and weaves combined with velvets and ivory wool make an amazing mix and create a space which will make you feel good as soon as you walk through the door. If you can find the smallest space to make a little retreat sanctuary, base the colour scheme on soft whites to give you instant zen to calm and lift the spirits.

Top Tip: White on white works brilliantly if you layer up different textures to stop your scheme looking too flat.


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Third Eye Chakra

Indigo / Imagination & Intuition

From indigo through to rich purple, this colour adds a sense of occasion and looks incredibly glamorous. A fig purple velvet chair in the corner of your room can make it feel incredibly special, but if you are not feeling brave enough to incorporate it in to your furnishings, simply add accents into your accessories and styling; a purple glass vase or collection of indigo china pots can look incredible arranged on a shelving unit or table top.

Top Tip: Indigo looks amazing combined with white; whether in ceramics, a printed fabric or woven carpet.


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Throat Chakra

Blue / Communication & Listening

Everybody’s talking about blue! It has been a favourite colour year after year in interiors. A smart navy wallpaper can look amazing in a small space, and the softer, pastel shades of blue work brilliantly in bedrooms; creating an immediate sense of calm and a hideaway where you can escape.

Top Tip: Be brave with blue. One of our favourite clients loved blue so much that we painted all the walls, bookcases, door and even skirting of his study in a rich dark blue. It looked stunning.


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Heart Chakra

Green / Love, Compassion & Kindness

Green, in all its varied shades, is one of our design team’s favourites. From deep forest green to a cool celadon, we find our clients all seem to love green. With so many great shades to choose from, you can paint your walls, cover your sofa or simply add a huge glass vase full of greenery picked from your garden or local park to incorporate this colour into your home. We often include artwork based on greenery; by bringing the outdoors in, it immediately freshens and calms any room.

Top Tip: Don’t be afraid to use green in abundance to give a wonderfully welcoming and homely feel to your space.


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Solar Plexus Chakra

Yellow / Ambition & Energy

We’ve combined the first three chakras - red, orange and yellow - as we often use these colours in similar ways. By using accents of these strong and energetic colours, you can suddenly lift a dull room into somewhere that zings with energy and positivity. A red gloss lacquer tray piled high with your favourite books or a candle base , or bowl of red flowers will give an instant impact. An orange cashmere throw at the end of a cool, neutral bed or an over-scaled ceramic bowl piled high with fresh oranges on a white kitchen worktop will also lift your spirits. Yellow - which comes in so many wonderful tones from a soft pastel to a rich, strong mustard - can look great as a contrast trim to a piece of upholstery or simply in a few cushions to lift the energy in your home.

Top Tip: Use these hot, vibrant colours in moderation to get a truly stylish end result, one which you won’t get tired of. Balanced with a mix of neutrals, these hot colours can really lift a scheme without being overpowering.


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Sacral Chakra

Orange / Joy & Creativity


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ROOT Chakra

Red / Grounding & Connectivity


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